About Us

About Us

Al Ghurair University is one of the first private academic institutions licensed by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1999 by the prominent Alghurair Group, AGU is a community-oriented university that enjoys strong links with local industry.

With campuses in Dubai , Al Ghurair University is dedicated to the advancement of learning through teaching and research and to the discovery and application of knowledge. It endeavors to be an internationally recognized research university, with a world class reputation for interdisciplinary teaching and research and a tradition of partnering with leading academic institutions from around the world.

The University is modeled around the American system of higher education and is actively developing an international network of partners, faculty members, and research programs to advance regionally relevant research and innovation in the UAE and the region at large.

An Institution of Higher Education in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai has embarked on a bold vision to develop a vibrant and regionally relevant knowledge economy. With a strong emphasis on science, technology and innovation, Al Ghurair University will align its academic offerings, research programs and mission very closely with that economic transformation. Specific strategic sectors of the UAE economy that the university is focusing its efforts around are Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Aerospace, Transport & Logistics, Energy & the Environment, Healthcare and Security.

Currently, Al Ghurair University enrolls over 1300 students studying in several specialized engineering programs, all of which have been accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, UAE.

Al Ghurair University is dedicated to providing the Emirate of Dubai, the UAE, the region and the world with highly qualified engineers, technologists and scientists, capable of making major contributions to the UAE as leaders and innovators of industry and society.


To be a leading international center of higher education and research in technology and science.


Al Ghurair University of Science, Technology and Research is an independent, non-profit coeducational institution, dedicated to the advancement of learning through teaching and research and to the discovery and application of knowledge. It pursues international recognition as a world class research university, with a strong tradition of inter-disciplinary teaching and research and of partnering with leading universities around the world.

The University endeavors to serve the Emirate of Dubai, UAE society, the region and the world by providing an environment of creative enquiry within which critical thinking, human values, technical competence and practical and social skills, business acumen and a capability for lifetime learning are cultivated and sustained. It sets itself high standards in providing a caring, rewarding and enriching environment for all of its students and staff. It ensures that its graduates, on entering the workplace, form a superlative cadre of engineers, technologists and scientists, capable of making major contributions to the current and future sectors of UAE industry and society as leaders and innovators.

The University insists on the highest world class standards of academic excellence in all that it does. It complements other universities in the region by providing, in its chosen areas of activity, the best teaching and research available in the region. It strives to meet demands for expansion while never compromising on quality.

Institutional Goals

  • Create and nurture a culture of research and innovation excellence focused on challenges of societal and economic importance
  • Foster an enhanced university community
  • Ensure that educational excellence is a top priority in all programs
  • Maintain a top quality external relations function
  • Build a student-centric community and facilities
  • Create a university wide commitment to institutional effectiveness which ensures that academic and support functions are implemented as efficiently as possible

Al Ghurair University will be undergoing a dramatic change in the coming years as the demand for higher education in the UAE continues to grow. In line with the objectives of the Dubai Vision 2030, Al Ghurair University has begun construction on a campus expansion project that will see the school expand by 132,000 sqm by 2022.

The Al Ghurair University campus expansion will include:

  • A large auditorium with a capacity of 500
  • A new student hub complete with restaurants, a gymnasium and other sporting facilities
  • Cutting edge classrooms, engineering laboratories and research facilities
  • Facilities that will house Al Ghurair University’s new medical school

The campus expansion will support Al Ghurair University’s rapidly growing community and will ensure that both future and current students have access to the highest quality of educational services, which will help to ensure AGU achieves its goal of becoming an internationally recognized research university.