Procurement and Contracts Department

The Procurement and Contracts Department (PCD) is the central purchasing and contract authority for Al Ghurair University for both the Dubai and Sharjah Campuses.

PCD is responsible for managing the procurement and contract process on a University-wide basis, including purchasing contracts and any other legal agreements associated with the acquisition of goods and services that support Al Ghurair University's educational, research, and business initiatives.

Register as a Vendor

Al Ghurair University is using I Portal, which is provided by the Dubai Department of Finance, as a central portal for e-tendering.

If you had registered your business previously, either manually or through the Tejari Portal, you will need to re-register your company using the new Portal.

All vendor companies and representatives must be registered with Al Ghurair University Central e-Tendering Portal through the DoF Portal to be able to provide services to the University.

Please make sure that you have the following documentation available before attempting to register:

  • Company Letter requesting a new registration
  • Your full company profile document that you use for either client distribution or for marketing purposes
  • Valid commercial/trade license (UAE companies only), showing the names of your partners
  • Valid certificate of chamber of commerce and industry (UAE companies only)
  • Free Zone Authority License (for companies registered in a Free Zone Authority in UAE)
  • Legal certificate or company registration (overseas companies only)
  • Power of Attorney (POA) or equivalent document that states the authorized signatories for your company.
  • Bank Letter with complete account details
  • Supporting documents for commercial agency (if any)

Note: Completing and submitting this Registration Form does not represent prequalification for any of the Al Ghurair University projects and does not guarantee invitation to prequalify or tender. All applicable fields should be filled out thoroughly and accurately to ensure that we secure the correct information.




Vendor Services

The Procurement and Contracts Department (PCD) selects the best sources of supply for the University and authorizes potential new preferred suppliers.

A PCD Preferred Supplier List was established to leverage the University's buying power and maximize supplier strengths leading to overall cost savings,as well as to retain a feedback mechanism for quality control.

The Preferred Supplier List is based on a vendor's ability to deliver goods and services in a timely manner,  at an appropriate level of quality, at competitive prices, and in accordance with applicable Abu-Dhabi Emirates Law No.6- 2008 and its amendment, and University regulations.                 

Strategic or preferred vendors from the list should be used unless there is a compelling reason to use a new vendor.

Business Opportunities

Any qualified business can become a potential vendor for Al Ghurair University. The Procurement and Contracts Department has numerous contracting and individual order opportunities available across a wide variety of products and services. To be considered as a vendor for Al Ghurair University, you must complete a Vendor Registration form in the e-sourcing portal. 

Small Business Development

The Procurement and Contracts Department works actively to support the University's commitment to provide equal opportunities through contracting and individual order opportunities for small businesses. Purchasing makes every effort to ensure that the University includes the maximum practical number of small businesses in the competitive bidding process in compliance with the University's policies and procedures.

Business Conduct

Contractors, consultants, and suppliers must observe the highest ethical standards during the procurement process and during performance of contracts. Accordingly, Al Ghurair University may reject a proposal for award if it considers that the recommended contractor, consultant or supplier has engaged in unethical practices (including corrupt, fraudulent or coercive practices) and may declare a firm or company ineligible to be awarded a contract if at any time University determines that the firm or company has engaged in such practices in competing for, or in performing, a contract with Al Ghurair University. Contractors, consultants, and suppliers have to declare any potential conflict of interest as soon as it is discovered and report it to Al Ghurair University.

Contractors, consultants and suppliers shall respect Al Ghurair University’s confidentiality obligations as specified in the tender documents.

To register with Al Ghurair University and be eligible to participate in relevant tenders, please visit  DoF Portal  which is the Electronic Service Portal provided by Dubai’s Department of Finance and operated by Al Ghurair University as a central portal for e-Tendering.

Please note that registration is a mandatory requirement and for information purpose only, and those interested in a particular proposal will still have to respond to the specific invitation to be considered.

The prequalification procedure for contractors, consultants and suppliers is distinct for each contract tendered. The registration process is only to express your interest and be eligible to receive information.

Registration does not mean you have been approved as a vendor. If you wish to be considered for a tendered contract that has been publically advertised, then you must make a specific application.

Al Ghurair University provides information on ongoing projects and types of services and goods procured on our website, but companies interested in doing business with Al Ghurair University have to do their own market research to find possible business opportunities for the range of products or services they offer.

All procurement is carried out using a combination of best local and international practice. Methods vary depending on the circumstances, from limited procurement to a public invitation in the media or on the Al Ghurair University e-tendering portal.

Al Ghurair University does not provide the customs/tax exemptions for the Local suppliers.

Al Ghurair University only meets contractors, consultants, or vendors when a need arises and not upon request. Operational and policy constraints restrict such meetings.

A performance bond guarantee may be required for the larger value contracts, and is usually valued at 10% of the awarded contract price.

For performing services in the UAE, companies are to follow the UAE Trade Law which requires local Demonstration Sch.hip.

Al Ghurair University does not issue Letters of Credit as it is a wholly owned government company. Payment follows the usual terms applied throughout the UAE.

The contact person will be specified in the Tender Documents/RFP. It is very important during the tender process that no other form of contact regarding the tender is made with Al Ghurair University.

All contracts are subject and in accordance with applicable Abu-Dhabi Emirates Law No.6- 2008 and its amendment, and University regulations. otherwise follow the standard terms and conditions that apply throughout the region.

Al Ghurair University considers the tendering process confidential and does not normally publish lists of prequalified or short listed tenders.

Al Ghurair University is completely opposed to fraud and corruption and any attempt to gain an improper advantage will be dealt with most severely.

Tenders must be submitted in strict accordance with the tender instructions.

It is Al Ghurair University policy to debrief bidders on the outcomes of their own submittal without any reference to other bidders’ submittals.

Yes, it is essential to read and follow all the documents constituting the request for tenders, including presentations. If anything is unclear or if you have any questions, please contact our Procurement department, the details of which are indicated in the Request for Proposals (RFP) documentation.

The tender evaluation process is confidential. Al Ghurair University staff cannot provide you with any information on the status of the evaluation process.

Only one person per tenderer can receive the invitation. If this poses a problem, you should create a generic e-mail address to which a number of people have access.

Your company is responsible to add, edit or remove contact details. You should update the information provided at the time of the registration or tender stage.

An indicative program for award is normally included within the ITT/RFP. Al Ghurair University does not provide information on progress during the evaluation process.

You should read the particular ITT/RFP, which will specify how a tender is to be submitted and must be followed exactly.