Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers utilize their knowledge and skills across a wide range of industries.  They play a major role in the design and manufacturing of complex engineering systems.

The demand for mechanical engineers in the UAE will expand as the amount of manufacturing and industrial activity continues to grow. Mechanical devices ranging from automotive parts to power plants require mechanical engineers in the design, manufacturing and support processes, making them employable across multiple industries.

The Al Ghurair University Department of Mechanical Engineering strives to ensure its graduates are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills when they begin their professional career.

Al Ghurair University Mechanical Engineering students are able to put their education to practice. Check out this video of AGU's Baja team who recently designed and built an off-road car to compete against universities from all over the world.

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering*

The B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering program is designed to provide comprehensive engineering education for students interested in machines, thermo-fluids and energy systems. Complex mechanical systems involve structures, advanced materials, sensors and thermo-fluid systems. 

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering 

The M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering gives candidates the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the broad field of ME and contribute to the process of discovery and knowledge creation through the conduct of research. 

*Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.


Prof. Dimitrios Kyritsis

Chair and Professor

Prof. Tod A Laursen

President Al Ghurair University & Professor

Prof. Eiyad Abu-Nada


Prof. Kin Liao


Prof. Haris Doumanidis


Prof. Dimitris Goussis


Dr. Bashar Sami El-Khasawneh

Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the Graduate Program

Dr. Kyriaki Polychronopoulou

Associate Professor

Dr. Wael Zaki

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Dr. Lianxi Zheng

Associate Professor

Dr. Marwan El Rich 

Visiting Associate Professor 

Dr. Dongming Gan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anas Alazzam

Assistant Professor

 Dr. Mohammad Abutayeh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Andreas Schiffer

Assistant Professor


Mr. Majid Siddiqi

Lab Instructor

Mr. Syed Murtaza Jaffar

Lab Instructor

Mr. Ali Azzubi

Lab Instructor

Dynamics and Control