Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering

Department of Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines, encompassing many interdependent technical specialties. Department of Civil Infrastructure at Al Ghurair University

Civil engineers plan, design, and supervise construction of a wide variety of facilities such as space stations, offshore structures, bridges, buildings, tunnels, highways, transit systems, dams, airports, irrigation projects, distribution facilities for water, and collection and treatment facilities for wastewater and hazardous wastes. Civil engineers are problem solvers. They give solutions to pollution, aging infrastructure, traffic congestion, energy needs, floods, earthquakes, urban development, and community planning.

Graduates may work at established public and private organizations or in entrepreneurial endeavours. Future career opportunities for civil engineers may range from project management to collaboration with architects, contractors, and government officials on construction efforts.

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

The B.Sc. in Civil Engineering program lays the foundation for the core civil engineering disciplines while engaging students to study and understand the overall global civil engineering profession and industry.


Dr. Haris Doumanidis

Professor and Acting Chair

Dr. Young-Ji Byon 

Associate Chair

Dr. Malik Khalfan 

Associate Professor

Dr. Chung-Suk Cho

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kenan Hazirbaba

Assistant Professor

Dr. Banu Yildiz

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tae Yeon Kim

Assistant Professor


The following is a list of areas that faculty members of the Department of Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering are currently working on, or planning research in the future:


Geotechnical Engineering

Addresses a wide range of problems posed by the spatial variability and complex material properties of soils and rocks.

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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Focuses on solving the environmental problems faced by the Gulf Region.

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Urban Infrastructure Engineering

Focuses on the planning, design, analysis & construction management of infrastructure systems.

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Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Analysis and design of a variety of structures such as buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels etc.

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