Preparatory Program

Preparatory Program

The Preparatory Program consists of a full-time program of intensive study in English, mathematics, physics, computer technology, chemistry and necessary study skills. 

As English is the medium of instruction in all Al Ghurair University degree programs, students must: have a working knowledge of academic and scientific English; be able to use mathematics to solve abstract problems and describe observable phenomena; and possess necessary computing skills for the study of professional engineering. Students who lack these skills but show promise of success in AGU's professional engineering degree programs may be conditionally admitted to the Preparatory Program.

Based on the results of placement testing, students are enrolled in coursework appropriate to the level of their academic achievement. Students are regularly assessed to determine if they meet program requirements for continued study in the Preparatory Program or for full admission to the degree program.

Based on an assessment of a student’s overall achievement in the Preparatory Program, a student with required English proficiency may be allowed to take appropriate degree courses to a limit of 15 credits.

To be fully admitted to the degree program, a Preparatory student must achieve a minimum composite score of 6.0 on the IELTS examination (or equivalent IBT TOEFL score of 79) and demonstrate sufficient progress in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computing.

Based on the results of placement testing, students are enrolled in coursework appropriate to the level of their academic achievement. The program is designed to be one year.

English Language Courses

ENGL 001 Preparatory English I 8 cr. / 16 contact hrs.
ENGL 002 Preparatory English II 5 cr. / 10 contact hrs.
ENGL 003 IELTS Preparation 3 cr. / 6 contact hrs.

Computer Courses

CMPE 002 Introduction to Information Technology 2 cr.

Mathematics and Science Courses

Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning  
MATH 001 Preparatory Mathematics I 5 cr.
MATH 002 Preparatory Mathematics II 5 cr.
Natural and Physical Sciences  
PHYS 001 Preparatory Physics I 2 cr.
PHYS 002 Preparatory Physics II 3 cr.
Chem 002 Preparatory Chemistry II 2 cr.


Jim Boyce

Director, Preparatory Program

Dr. Yousef Mahmoud Hussein Abosalem

Academic Coordinator for STEM

Julie Ross

Academic Coordinator for English

Dr. Marwan Said Abualrub

Senior Lecturer

Denis Cheng

Senior Lecturer

Claudia Kiburz

Senior Lecturer

Abeer Dirar Yousef Malkawi

Senior Lecturer

Julie Riddlebarger

Senior Lecturer

Kate Nolan

Senior Lecturer

Mr. Hazim Subhiyyah

Senior Lecturer

Lina Mohjazi


Lucia Holliday


Szu Szu Ling


Asma Salah Mughrabi


Robert Wilson


For more information about the Preparatory Program at Al Ghurair University, please contact:

Jim Boyce, Director