Student Housing Rules and Regulations

Student Housing Rules and Regulations

Al Ghurair University provides student housing to facilitate the enrollment of academically able students who might not otherwise be able to attend because they live beyond commuting distance to the campus.

All students residing in University student accommodations are held responsible for understanding the policies and procedures as outlined below.

The University’s student accommodations policies and procedures are subject to change during the academic year and it is the student’s responsibility to know the current policies and regulations.

The University reserves the right to temporarily suspend a student from University accommodations who behaves in a manner that is viewed to be a risk to the community or to themselves, until a formal review can be conducted.

Note: Students who are dismissed, suspended or expelled from the University as a result of an academic or non-academic offense lose their claim to University accommodation privileges.



Student housing is available only for registered, full-time Al Ghurair University students. Housing is for UAE National undergraduate students only. 

At Dubai, eligible students must normally reside more than approximately 80 km from the campus. Female students who reside in Dubai and Sharjah will be offered housing to attend the Dubai campus if their selected academic track is only offered at Dubai.

Only male housing is provided at the Sharjah Campus.


The housing contract is for ten months, from the beginning of the Fall semester in September until the end of the Spring semester in June. Residents wishing to stay in University accommodation for Summer School (July and August) must have the prior approval of University Management. The availability of summer accommodation is not guaranteed and is subject to availability and the scheduling of required renovation and/or maintenance.

Any permanent departure from the residence prior to the summer break must be requested from the University residence management, in writing, at least two weeks in advance. The resident is not entitled to a refund of any residence fees for the term in which they registered for accommodation.

The University Residence Contract is personal and may not be transferred or assigned to any other person. The housing unit may not be sublet.



Student accommodation is free for UAE National students who are given first priority for room assignments. The rooms are shared, with two students in each room. Student accommodation for non-national students will be considered on a case by case basis subject to availability of bed space and the payment of an accommodation fee.


Both male and female students' residences are provided with fully equipped kitchens and utensils. Male and female students are responsible for providing their own meals.

A shopping trip is provided once a week for female students only. Vending machines are also provided. 



Check-in is the process of moving into University student accommodation facilities. At the beginning of each semester, students must check-in with University accommodation staff during a period designated for this purpose.

  • Students are required to sign an acknowledgement that they have read and agree to the rules and regulations for student housing.
  • Students must provide required information including: a medical form, a copy of their medical insurance card, and any required permissions signed by the student’s guardian.
  • Students must inspect the room, sign the furniture inventory form, and pay a refundable damage deposit fee of AED1,000.
  • Students will be issued with a key to the housing unit and to their individual bedroom. Keys are the property of the University and may not be duplicated. Unreturned or lost keys will incur a charge of AED100 for each key replaced.


Students residing in University accommodation must check-out anytime they complete the term of their housing assignment, vacate the premises, withdraw from the University, orgraduate. Students who do not check-out in accordance with established procedures may not dispute any damage charges.

  • Students who are checking out must schedule an appointment with the University residence management to inspect the room. All personal belongings are to be moved out of the room,and all furniture is to be placed in its original space before the check-out inspection is performed.
  • Upon completion of the room inspection, the student must sign the check-out form and return the keys to the staff member performing the check. Once the room has been closed, maintenance staff will check for any damages. Any repair costs estimates will be forwarded to University residence management and appropriate adjustments will be made to damage deposit refund.



University housing shall be equipped to support the academic, personal and social needs of all residents. Related amenities include: free internet connectivity, laundry facilities, lounges, exercise rooms, notice boards, etc. Internet usage must comply with University policies, including the prohibition against accessing illegal and inappropriate websites.

Housekeeping services are provided, but students are expected to maintain their assigned living area in a clean and orderly manner. Washroom facilities are shared, consequently residents are expected to attend to their hygiene and cleanliness.


University residential facilities maintain 24 hour security. Security officers are responsible for monitoring access to each residential unit. Officers have the right to deny entrance to anyone who fails to show an appropriate ID.

Curfew: All residents of the University accommodation are responsible for confirming to the timings fixed by the administration for staying in the facilities. Unless otherwise posted. The following curfew timings will be one hour later during Ramadan.

  • Male students are confined to the accommodation from 12:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. Saturday through Wednesday, and from 1:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. on Thursday and Friday.
  • Female students are confined to the accommodation from 10:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. Saturday through Wednesday, and from 12:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. Thursday and Friday.

Residents can be waived from these timings or an spend the night outside the student accommodation if their parent or legal guardian completes an authorization form and submits it to University accommodation staff.

Residents are required to provide a contact number and address if they plan to spend the entire night outside the University residence. Sign-out books are available for this purpose.

The University residence management is authorized to contact a student’s parents or guardian to report any misconduct by the student.


Only guests of the same gender as the student may be received or entertained in University accommodations. Guests must be accompanied by their host at all times. Guests found without their host will be asked to leave. All guests must be announced, signed in by security, and leave a valid picture ID at the front desk. The host is responsible for the behavior of the guest and will be held accountable if the guest violates University policy.

A resident may entertain no more that two visitors at any time. Visitors are not allowed to enter the resident’s room and are restricted to designated areas.

Visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. for male students and from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for female students.

Individuals providing personal services such as hairdressing or tailoring will not be allowed into the residence as visitors.

No person who has been dismissed from the student accommodation or from Al Ghurair University for conduct reasons is allowed to visit the student accommodation at any time under any circumstances.


Assignment of Rooms and Usage of Residences

The University residence management will assign rooms to residents. Where practical personal preferences will be taken into consideration, however the decision of the management is final.

Housing is provided for student accommodation purposes only, and the residence environment is intended solely to support each student’s studies and academic endeavors. No sales or solicitation by students or outside vendors is allowed within the residence premises.

Vacating University Accommodations During Break Periods

During break periods in which the University accommodation facilities are closed, students should leave their assigned room at the time designated by the University. Academic requirements and travel restrictions are the only valid reasons for submitting a request to remain in campus accommodations during a University break.

Health and Safety

Fire Safety: If residents hear the fire alarm, leave the room immediately. If possible shut the door behind you. Exit the residence using stairways. Elevators are not to be used. Refer to the housing emergency plan, posted in every building, for additional information.

Fire safety violations follow:

  • Creating a fire hazard or situation that endangers others including candles or any flame/heat producing objects is prohibited.
  • Overloaded electrical sockets are also considered fire hazards. Under no circumstances may students perform any electrical wiring. If a student has an electrical concern, the student should contact the accommodation management.
  • Any individual found responsible for causing a false alarm (whether intentional or accidental) or damaging safety equipment, will face disciplinary action.
  • All students are required to participate in fire drills.

Smoking and the use of smoking pipes are prohibited in all University accommodations.

Sanitation: Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their respective rooms, which are subject to inspection for health and safety reasons. Perishable foods may not be stored in student rooms. Other food items kept in rooms must be stored in closed containers to avoid attracting and harboring insects and possible contamination.

Pets/Animals: Pets or animals of any sort shall not be kept in the room.

Illness: In case of sickness in University Accommodation: 

  • Parents are informed. 
  • A female member of security will accompany the student to the hospital
  • A medical report is sent the nurse, along with sick leave if applicable, through the hostel assistant. 
  • In emergency cases, an ambulance is called at once. 

Hazardous Activities: Hallways, stairwells and common areas may not be used for frivolous or hazardous activities. The use of soccer balls, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, bats, etc., are prohibited within student housing accommodation.

Prohibited Items: For the health and safety of all residents the following list of items is prohibited on University property. The University reserves the right to prohibit additional items without notice. 

  • Antennas/satellite dishes: External antennas of any type are prohibited.
  • Appliances: Cooking appliances and high-resistance heating elements are prohibited. These include, but are not limited to toasters, toaster ovens, crock- pots, electric skillets, rice steamers, electric or gas woks, deep fryers, grills, hot plates/pots and coffee makers.
  • Beds/Lofts: Only university issued beds/lofts are permitted. No other loft equipment, homemade bunk beds, and/or water beds are allowed.
  • Dartboards: Use and possession of metal and/or plastic tip or other sharp points are not permitted. Magnetic darts and dartboards are permitted.
  • Flammables and Fireworks: Illegal or unauthorized possession or use of fireworks or explosives on University premises is prohibited. This includes the use or possession of any flammables including, but not limited to, candles, incense, open flames, fragrance pots, lighter fluid, dangerous chemicals, propane, smoke bombs, torches and gasoline canisters.
  • Prohibited food or drink.
  • Halogen Lamps: The use of possession of halogen lamps in the residence halls is strictly prohibited.
  • Video players, film projectors and other projection equipment.
  • Weapons: Weapons, as defined in the University’s weapons policy, are prohibited on campus and in the residence halls.
  • Alcohol and Illegal Drugs: Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited in University student accommodation.
  • Gambling is not permitted.

Community Standards of Courtesy

As members of the University community, resident students are expected to respect the rights and privacy of their fellow residents. The needs and rights of all students take priority of the rights of one member. Each resident must be committed to living in a tolerant and prejudice free environment and hence must avoid practicing any form of propaganda, be it political, religious or other as the case may be. Any acts of indecent behavior could result in immediate dismissal from the University residence.

Residents should bring to the attention of their fellow residents situations with which they feel uncomfortable including guests, visitors, or any other aspects of a shared living environment. Residents are expected to resolve such matters in a mature and respectful manner. Unresolved issues should be brought to the attention of student accommodation staff, who will work to settle such matters through a broad community discussion.

Room Changes: No student may change his or her room without the permission of student accommodation staff.

Noise: Quiet hours are considered important for academic study in all student accommodation areas. Students should refrain from noise that disrupts the community or interferes with individual study. Each individual resident is responsible for informing other community members when noise becomes disruptive; however, should the disruption continue it should be brought to the attention of student accommodation staff.

Amplified music should be kept at a volume that does not infringe on the rights of others within the community.

Student accommodation facilities should be reasonably quiet at all times. Strict silence should be observed between 2:30-4:30 p.m. and after 10:00 p.m.. Quiet hours are in effect 24 hours per day during final exam weeks.

Student Privacy and Management Right of Entry

Residence rooms are considered private and University accommodation staff may not enter them without the consent of the resident except for reasonable cause in the following cases:

  • Pre-arranged health and safety checks, maintenance, or repairs
  • In case of an emergency
  • When there is a clear and present indication that a crime is being committed
  • When University accommodation regulations are being violated.

If an entry is required for the above noted situations, other than for pre-arranged work, a notification of an entry will be left in the room advising the resident who was in the room, of the date and time and reason.

Liability and Damages

All residents of University accommodation are solely responsible for their personal property, valuables and belongings. The University bears no responsibility for lost or missing items, for injuries or damages, or for the interruption of utilities or services due to weather or acts of nature.

Residents are responsible for keeping their assigned room clean and tidy, in good order, free from damage, and locked.

The cost of repair or replacement of damaged rooms (walls, windows, doors, flooring, etc.) or furnishings will be charged to the responsible occupant(s). Likewise, damages to public or common areas will be charged to the responsible resident(s).

Violations of Student Accommodation Rules and Sanctions

Alleged violations of Student Accommodation Rules and Regulations shall be reviewed under the procedures for non-academic offenses set forth in Section 6.6.2.

The seriousness of any violation shall be considered in view of its nature, importance, recurrence and the presence or absence of mitigating and/or aggravating circumstance. The purpose of any disciplinary action is to achieve a higher commitment to the student accommodation rules and regulations. Sanctions may include formal oral warning, formal written warning, suspension for 1-10 days, or dismissal from the University. Any student may be suspended from the student accommodation, pending a hearing, in order to insure the health, safety or good order of the residence facility.