Al Ghurair University Receives Global Quality Certification from British Standards Institution

Al Ghurair University Receives Global Quality Certification from British Standards Institution


Environment, Health and Safety employees also receive certificates.

Al Ghurair University recently held an awarding ceremony for receiving ISO14001 and OSHASA18001 quality certificates. Environment, Health and Safety employees also received certificates for their efforts in achieving these two prestigious standards. The certificates were presented by representatives from the British Standards Institution. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Tod Laursen, Al Ghurair University’s President, Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Al Ghurair University’s Executive Vice President and Dr. Mohammed Al Mualla, the University’s Senior Vice President for Research and Development.

ISO and OHSAS are globally recognized as the leading quality assurance standards.  Previously, Al Ghurair University employees have received training in these standards as part of the University’s strategy to promote a culture of health and safety, and to serve as a cornerstone for safe daily practices when carrying out activities related to science, research and technology.  The program was also designed to raise awareness of HSE standards.

“Al Ghurair University gives the safety of its students, faculty and staff top priority. It’s an important ingredient for innovation and productivity, which will in turn affect the overall quality of the University’s offerings.” said Mr. Ebrahim Alahmed, Vice President for Administration and Finance “Through this project, the University is realizing its objectives aimed at capitalizing on the potentials and abilities of its employees to manage EHS systems. The training and qualifying program has yielded good results in this regard. Utilizing our employees’ abilities helps to achieve the highest results in the application of safety systems, and helps bring us closer to earning top-level standards in regards to the implementation of Environmental, Health and Safety standards.”